Becoming a Play Passport Subscriber

  • Purchase a Play Passport Subscription or Apply for Financial Assistance for a Subscription.
  • Play Passport Subscriptions are $90 for 3 months, $180 for 6 months, or $360 for 12 months
  • Once you have a Play Passport, you will receive a welcome email with log-in information to your subscription and our online catalog of play materials available to borrow and reserve for pick up.
  • You will also need to review and sign a Liability Release Waiver for each child in your care. Please also read the Toy Library Visitor Policy.
  • As soon as all forms have been signed, you can borrow toys/books from the Toy Library.

Borrowing Basics

  • Our online catalog enables you to view all the play materials and resource library books available to borrow, allows you to reserve toys on line for pick-up, it keeps track of your loan due dates and sends reminders a day before the items are due to be returned.
  • Play Passport Subscribers may borrow up to 5 toys/books at a time. Please be mindful to only borrow one high value (such as large sets of trains, unit blocks, Lego table, microscope, guitar, balance beam.) toy at a time.
  • Toys/Books may be borrowed for a period of up to 2 weeks.
  • Toys/Books may be renewed before or on their due date for one additional 2 week loan period.
  • Three ways to select toys to borrow:
    1. You can select and reserve toys online for easy curb-side pick-up on Saturday's 10:00 - 1:00.
    2. Adults can visit in-person, by appointment, to select toys on your own or with staff guidance.
    3. You can call 508-648-3227 or email info@capecodtoylibrary.org for staff expertise/guidance.

Late Fees, Missing Parts, and Broken Toys

  • Please make every effort to return toys/books on time, in the toy bin, box, bag or container. Remember others may be waiting for them to become available. Late fees of $1 per toy will be charged for each week they are overdue.
  • To avoid a late overdue fee, you can renew the borrowed items for another 2 week period.
  • If you cannot return the items on time, please call 508-648-3227 or email info@capecodtoylibrary.org
  • Fees for missing parts and broken toys, including the toy bin, box, bag or container, will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know about the condition of the toy when you return it so we can take care of it. We understand toys get broken. Many toys can be repaired by our Toy Doctor. For missing parts, we may ask you to take the toy home again to look for the parts.
  • Play Passport Subscriptions may be placed on hold, until fees are paid or toys are returned.

Care for Toys and Children's Safety on Loan

  • The responsibility lies solely in the hands of the caregiver to provide safety in play.
  • Please designate a special place where toy library toys will live while they are not being played with. This would ideally be a place separate from where toys you own are kept.
  • Please keep track of toy parts and pieces while playing and make sure all parts are accounted for when putting the toy away. The contents of each toy can be found on the bin label or on the Toy Library online catalog.
  • Please keep Toy Library toys away from food and beverages.
  • Please take care of toys while they are in your possession so that all children in our community may continue to enjoy them.
  • Subscribers are asked not to clean toys in their own homes (to prevent damage to the toys), simply return the toy and we will take care of the rest! Because our toys are circulated around the community they will need extra care and cleaning. We use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly methods to clean all of toys.
  • If a toy in your care is exposed to a biohazard (blood, feces, vomit) please seal the toy in a plastic bag and inform the toy librarian or volunteer when you return it so proper precautions can be taken.